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Why Downloadinf M-Indicator App 2017 Is So Important For Tourist Or People Who Travels Daily In Metro Cities Like Pune And Mumbai

Following are some points which will brief in detail that where m-indicator is must used application and how no one can avoid it.

m-indicator for pc online 2016

1. Local Train Information With M-Indicator App 2017

  • M-Indicator App 2017 provides a detail information & timetable about local & express train
  • Also provides details information about platform position as well as where the door will be
  • You get details for trains like Central, Western, Harbour and Mono and Metro as well
  • New feature is introduced in latest m-indicator app version 11.0.78
  • Chat feature is introduced in this M-Indicator App 2017 version 11.0.78 so people can randomly discuss about problems, delays and other issues openly
  • Now app is providing nearby places in Mumbai city along with Hotel, Tourist place and monuments as well
  • We can use m-indicator app 2017 for PC

m-indicator for pc online 2016

2. Local Train Information With M-Indicator App 2017

  • Now M-Indicator App 2017 has started providing information about city buses which involves types of buses like KDMT, BEST, TMT, VVMT for Mumbai whereas PMPML for Pene region which covers Pune city as well as Pimpri and Chinchwad area
  • So it provides bus time table and bus route information along with bus numbers

m-indicator for pc online 2016

3. PNR Status Check With M-Indicator Latest Version 2017 over M-Indicator App 2016

  • App provides facility to get details of your train seat reservation using PNR number request through app

4. M-Indicator App For PC Version 2017 version 11.0.78

  • Now in 2017 you can use this app on your PC to do all these stuff, No need to waste your phone memory if you do not want to waste it, Yes you can use android emulator to use it on your windows laptop or PC, This facility wan not available in M-Indicator App 2016 version.

5. M-Indicator App 2017 For Jobs & Properties In Mumbai

  • New feature introduced in app to find jobs and properties in Mumbai city, It gives details of job opening available in several types of companies

6. M-Indicator App 2017 For Theater’s And Cinema

  • Provides details about drama, cinema, theater etc.



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