How To Remove Shortcut Viruses or Trojan From Laptop/Computer Using CMD in Windows

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How Can You Remove Shortcut Viruses or Trojan From your Computer In Windows7/8/XP If Your Computer Is Infected

Hi Folks, This day I am going to tell you very special thing about How you can remove shortcut virus using cmd in windows 7. As we all of us have seen that many times our  PC or computer gets infected with malwares, viruses etc and  we get stuck at that moment and cannot proceed next and due to this we have to stop or remove such things , My today’s article will definitely help you to remove shortcut viruses or trojan from your windows computer. Normally we use windows and we fall in problem of viruses, malwares, trojan and  this is just because of window’s architecture and direct execution of executable files so we strongly need to fix such kind of issues.

How To Remove Shortcut Viruses or Trojan From Laptop/Computer from Windows OS

And Here is the First Solution Among Given To Remove Shortcut Virus Using cmd In Windows 7

From my solutions I believe that  this is the easy method to remove such kind of activities from laptop or from any computer. We have to free download a software tool from internet and just need to scan the whole computer system. Following are the steps for this process –

  1. In the second step you can find  link to download the software tool
  2. shortcut virus, malware removal tool download
  3. You need to download and install it and then open it
  4. Now you will find the option to select partition whichever you want to scan
  5. So select the partition to scan and simply click on scan button
  6. After the scan process completed you can proceed further and select the list of issues and can take action against it.

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And Now 2nd Solution, Using Batch File(.bat) To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer Using cmd In Windows 7

I hope,  Many of us don’t know what is the use of batch file ?? But you need not to worry about it’s just a simple file which is executable we can write a code in notepad but saved  with (.bat) extension. Here we have to use and follow the procedure . It is also a fine and good way to clean and remove shortcut viruses,malware and trojan. This is little complex but not impossible for anybody if we follow this exact process and even if you are not having technical knowledge then also it can be processed out successfully.

  • Just open the text editor
  • Now copy the following given code and paste it into editor

@echo off

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:*.*

@echo complete

  • Save this file with .bat extension and virusremover.bat as name
  • Just change the Name_drive with infected drive name , if you are having  3 or more drive then simply copy and paste this command.
  • Save and Close this file manually
  • Now run this program by simply opening it

Third Solution To Remove Shortcut Viruses,Malware and Trojan Using Command Prompt (cmd)

Till we have seen two method to remove shortcut viruses now we will do it with command prompt. We will write commands on command prompt and it will get execute and will remove illegal activities and shortcut viruses

  • Press Window Button and type in search “cmd” now right click on the icon
  • select option as “Run as administrator”
  • Type this  Following command on it
  • attrib -h-s-r-a /s /d Drive _ letter (like H ,C, D )
  • Press enter key
  • This command will execute the process you need to wait for it
  • And that’s it  you are done with it

Hope you will enjoy this article and help you to Remove Viruses, Malware From your Computer, Next article will come soon.

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