Top 5 Funny Problems In Bhiwandi Which I Don’t Think That Even God Can Solve

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Following Are Top 5 Funny Problems In Bhiwandi Which Nobody Can Solve

Hey Hi Everyone hope you all are doing good, Today’s post will really make you laugh lot as well as will make you feel that where do we lack and where our city (Bhiwandi) is lacking, This post will not solve any problem but definitely will encourage and help us all to come together and support each other to resolve the problems of the city where we are living.

1. Flood Issue Due To Heavy Rain In Shivaji Chowk :

It doesn’t matter that how our city is smart or people living in the city are smart but we are expecting our Municipal corporation to be smarter. Even if we try to take any precaution to control flood but we failed and cannot sort out this problem , And our Bhiwandi Municipal corporation have not solved this problem yet and we are about to leave our hopes.

Top 5 Problems In Bhiwandi

2. People Living In Mumbai Are Using Metro Train And Bhiwandikar’s Are Still Waiting For A Local Train :

Top 5 Train Problems In Bhiwandi

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No need to talk about the controversy, We can the see clear image of  difference between the facilities which we are getting, People there in Mumbai are getting metro and Mono Train and we are expecting a local train in Bhiwandi with good frequency.

3. Bhiwandi’s Progress And Development Is Stuck In Traffic :

Top 5 Traffic Problems In Bhiwandi

I remember that worst day when I had to reach Bhiwandi station to catch the train at 10.20 AM, So I left my house at 9.45 and i know this much time is enough to reach to the station still I thought I can take a shortcut so will reach 10 minutes earlier and I selected a “Mandai” road from “Shivaji Chowk” and OMG!!! It took 1.5 hour to reach and I reached almost at 11.10. That was really a worst day and can’t forget it ever.

4. Water Supply Was Always An Issue, It Is Not A Big Deal For Us :Top 5 Traffic water supply In Bhiwandi

These two images are clearly showing the controversy we do not have a drinking water in our city and people are wasting water like anything, Even I am suffering from this problem, sometimes we get a water supply in interval of 3 days.

5. Travelling Problem From Bhiwandi To Thane By Bus :

Top 5 transportaion problem In Bhiwandi

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“This is how we catch our Golden seat in Golden Bus”, Whenever I have to come from Thane and waiting for bus in a queue, As soon as the bus arrives I always found a group of many young, charming, dashing, educated and talented people who always like to catch the seat like the method shown in above picture, May be they like this method only. and after catching their “Hot Seat” they hold another 10 Hot seats for their people. This is our situation demand is 10 times more than the supply, So apart from the joke we really don’t have enough buses which can satisfy the demand. So students, employee’s, and whoever is travelling through such buses have to suffer lot. I don’t remember a last day when I got a proper seat and I think I have completely lost my memory because I don’t remember when I have got A Window Seat” which is really equivalent to a “Golden Seat” for us (A True Bhiwandikar). 

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