Mahalakshmi Dindarshika 2017 Calendar App – Download Mahalakshmi Dindarshika Lite App 2016-2017-2018

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What Is Mahalakshmi Dindarshika Lite App : –

Since 1944 Marathi Panchang & Calendar getting publish, then it become famous with name as Shri Mahalaxmi and Shri Mahalaxmi Dinadarshika. So this calendar get publish by company name as Saraswati Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd. This publication is considered as very much trusted as is publishes such famous calendar which is very popular in maharashtra. Also Mahalaxmi Dinadarshika or Almanac is available in two version one is in Marathi and other is in English.

Download Mahalakshmi Dindarshika calendar Lite App 2014 2015 2016 2017

This lite version of Shree Mahalaxmi Dindarshika App  provides information for festivals, events, government holidays, etc  also if we compare this app over finding any event it provides us search option which much more faster than searching it manually in physical calendar.Also it has multiple views like Daily View,  Monthly View, and Search function. This app is build to provide the information completely in Marathi language

As this app provides information in the marathi language so to use this Mahalakshmi Dindarshika Lite App you need to download Marathi android keyboard app it can be download from Google play store.

Download Mahalakshmi Dindarshika calendar Lite App 2014 2015 2016 2017

What’s New In Mahalakshmi Dindarshika Lite App  :-

This is a new version released in 2016 ,This app provides
1. Mahalaxmi calendar dates for 2016
2. It gives a different view for month and week
3. Also it provides PDF view for dates and events
4. It has fascility for denoting amavasya, ekadashi, etc as highlightes area
5. Home menu is provided in a tile structure which includes options like reminder, panchang, religional information, rasgi bhavishya etc.

Download Mahalakshmi Dindarshika calendar Lite App 2014 2015 2016 2017

How To Download Mahalaxmi Dindarshika Lite App –

Following are some steps to download the Mahalakshmi Dindarshika Lite App :

  • If you are an android user then open your smart phone menu
  • Go to play store and type Mahalakshmi Dindarshika Lite in textbox and hit enter button
  • First result will get fetch in the form of an app
  • Click on download and then app will get automatically install t your phone and that’s it
  • You are done with installing the Mahalakshmi Dindarshika Lite App in your phone and now you can open it use it

Download Mahalakshmi Dindarshika Lite App 2014-2017

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