WhatsApp Download 2017 New Online For Free For PC And Laptop – Now Use WhatsApp 2017 On Web Browser And Computer Windows And Mac For Year 2017

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What is a WhatsApp App 2017??

This was the bet question ever I have thought about till I was not aware with the WhatsApp messaging App 2017. Later on I also got to know that this is an amazing messaging app which is popularly known as WhatsApp messenger 2017. WhatsApp is an android app which was introduced by 2 founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2010 and it was a big hit to social media as it becomes so popular in very little period and it grown so fast and became a milestone. After a very short period this app got released for many other platforms like android, Symbian, iOS. Recently one more feature was launched by WhatsApp and that was a “WhatsApp Web 2017” this means now we can able to use whatsapp on a web browser which was previously not possible. This was really a great step taken as you do not need to have a smartphone to use WhatsApp. This app automatically delivers the upgraded version of whatsapp 2017

Download WhatsApp 2017 for PC And Laptop Free

How To Use WhatsApp 2017 On Your Computers Chrome Browser

As we know web WhatsApp which is a web version of this app as now launched so it is now possible to use whatsapp on your web browser without using our smartphone isn’t it sound too good? To use it on web browser you just need to open a browser let us say Google chrome, After opening it need to type this url – https://web.whatsapp.com. And need to follow given steps on web page it is only about verifying the correct phone and account using a code mentioned on the web page.

Following Are Some Steps To Use WhatsApp 2017 As Web Version On Google Chrome Web Browser

Using WhatsApp 2017 web version on Google Chrome is very easy process , These given steps will help you out to solve all your problems related to using it on PC, Laptop or Desktop.

Step 1 :Click this link to open WhatsApp official page for WhatsApp web 2017 version

Step 2 : Now this step is to open a WhatsApp on your phone click on menu and select option as WhatsApp web, This step will open a QR code reader on a phone

Step 3 : Scan the QR code appeared on browser screen using your smart phone, So these both things will get synchronize with each other

Step 4 : One thing you need to make sure and that is an internet connection on both devices otherwise nothing will work without the synchronization process

Step 5 :  Now you are ready to send and receive messages on your device and on browser too

Step 6 : Now if you send message using a web browser which means WhatsApp web 2017 version then automatically you can see the same message in chat history on your device

Step 7 : Now if you wish to close all these thing then you can select log out from all devices option from your smart phone, This will quit all your conversation and operating from web version

How to Use WhatsApp 2017 on PC Or Laptop :

We just saw a method by using that method how we can use WhatsApp on browser, Now we will see how to use WhatsApp App 2017 for PC as an executable application. To do so we need to have an emulator which will act as an Android environment for the application we are going to use it. There are two methods available to use it on PC or Laptop

Download WhatsApp 2017 for PC And Laptop Free

Download WhatsApp 2017 for PC And Laptop Free

Following Are Some Steps To Use WhatsApp 2017 On PC Or Laptop (Latest Method)

  • First we need to go to Android official website and need to download android bundle on which we will run the app
  • It is available maximum types of  operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 also for Mac Operating system, So we just have to download it as per our requirement of an operating system
  • As soon as it will get installed on a computer you will get asked to connect to your google plus account
  • After connecting to google account you can see your screen very similar to smartphone screen
  • And that’s it, Now this user interface can be use as a smartphone screen
  • So you just need to open a menu, open play store and search for WhatsApp and you will get it in terms of result
  • And yeah, You are done with the process and now you have application WhatsApp 2017 for PC

Traditional Method To Use WhatsApp 2017 On PC By Using Bluestack Software :

  • This is an alternative method we do have to the method mentioned above and that is also a very easy process it involves the downloading the blue stack software which here work as emulator and once you install blue stack you can completely find the user interface as android smartphone, Now you are ready to download WhatsApp on it.

Following Are Some Features Available Of  WhatsApp 2017 for Android, iOS, Windows On your and PC:

  • WhatsApp is easily available for free on internet
  • It is very easy to use and delivers the message within a second across a globe, Do not require any external things to carry out it’s functionality
  • It allows to send different type of media along its network like image, text and video also.
  • It allows a video to be transfer of size till 16 mega bytes
  • It sends all your messages in encrypted form so do not need to worry about message hacking
  • It is completely platform dependent so you need not to worry, And message sent from android phone can be deliver to iOS phone
  • Provides very interesting things like last seen, DP of others profile, chat history, etc
  • Can save chat history on email
  • Allows to create group of whatsapp user so data can shared among them easily
  • Also allows to broadcast a message
  • You have to add contacts manually in WhatsApp on PC. But you have to do it once only and then enjoy using Whatsapp on PC.

How To Change WhatsApp Profile Picture(DP) and Name :

This is a very easiest process to do so you just need to follow the given steps –

Download WhatsApp 2017 for PC And Laptop Free

Download WhatsApp 2017 for PC And Laptop Free

  • Open WhatsApp application no need to go online till now, Select menu option and click on Settings
  • Select Profile Setting, You can have 2 options as Change name and change Display picture or Profile picture
  • Now click on edit on your picture which is already getting displayed
  • Now you can choose whatever picture you want upload from your phone
  • Also, Another field is present there and that is name by which you can change a name of user account



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