Download Marathi Typing App 2016 – EazyType (Perfect Keyboard)

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Download And Install EazyType Android App – A Perfect Keyboard App For Marathi Typing

Hi Everyone, Hope you guys are doing great. Today we have something special for people who live in Maharashtra and among them who speaks Marathi language. So guys even I speak Marathi and do not face any problem in speaking and writing but whenever it comes to typing the same thing on phone even I felt problem to do so. But you guys do not worry as I am going to brief about the app named as EazyType Android App.

Download Marathi Typing App 2016

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What is an EazyType Marathi Typing Android App And What It Can Do??

EazyType is an app especially designed for Marathi typing, This app can be use for typing in any application most of them are Facebook, twitter, Gmail and Whatsapp, etc. Also it can be use for typing Marathi in mobile web browser. We just need to download and install this app no need to do anything else then it will start working as default browser in our Android phone. Basically we do not need to type in Marathi and this is the advantage of this app, we can type in English and it will automatically convert it to Marathi. For ex. if we type “Namaste” it will automatically convert it to “नमस्ते” as soon as we type a space after completion of this word. App provides suggestion tool which means if we are typing initials of any word then the word gets predicted automatically. Also toggle button is provided to switch to type in English and press it again to type in Marathi again. This app is very similar to Gujarati Keyboard Android App 2016

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How Can I Download EazyType Marathi Typing Android App 2016 –

Following are some steps to download and configure EazyType App :
1. Go to play store and search for EazyType, Download and install it
2. Open EazyType app and you can see Home screen. Two options will get displayed – A. Enable Keyboard B. Choose default
3. To enable or active EazyType keyboard just click on “Enable Keyboard” button
4. To disable or deactivate EazyType keyboard and to remove it from default position just click on “Choose default” button

Another way to configure configure EazyType App :
1. Select Setting From Android phone, Select Language and Input option and select check box on EazyType option
2. Now select ant text field where you wish to type Marathi.
3. Pull down the Notification bar and click on Select input method
4. Now Select EazyType Marathi App



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