How To Create A Bootable USB Drive In Windows Operating System Within Few Minutes

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How To Create A Bootable USB Drive(Pen Drive, Hard Disk) Without Using Any Software  On Windows Operating System

Hi Everyone, How are you doing?? Hope you all are doing good… As you people are aware of how many problems we face during using a computer it is just because not everyone is from technical or computer background that is why they fave many problems when they have to carry out some function. One of the problem is to create bootable USB drive in windows operating system it may be in Window XP, windows 7, 8, 8.1. Also creating bootable drive without any knowledge may be a big risk and it can harm whole operating system.

To install new operating system you should follow some systematic way which i am going to brief, First you need to go for USB Drive, It is just a step you need to take to Crate bootable USB drive.  Now I have some following steps which will definitely help you to create bootable USB drive. Also you can go for 3rd party programs which can be use for same purpose.

How To Create A Bootable USB Drive In Windows Operating System Within Few Minutes

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So do you think it is a big thing to to create bootable USB drive then I want to tell you that no it is not. So now I am going to share some steps needed to know about How to Create Bootable USB Drive in simple steps? Actually it is a very simple task to to create bootable USB drive. So installing new operating system on such devices like pen-drive and hard disk . Apart from these methods motherboard also supports these kind of facilities many times these facilities are pre loaded in motherboard. After reading this post you will surely learn to create bootable USB drive

Following Are Some Steps To Create Bootable USB Drive Or Pen Drive Or Hard Drive

Step 1: To create a bootable USB drive, we need to download & install a software tool, which is popularly known as WinToFlash. (

Step 2: Now we need to run this tool on our operating system so it will show two options as soon as it will run and those two are Wizard mode and Advanced mode will get shown clearly on screen

Step 3: Now select the Wizard mode and click on the Windows Setup Transfer Wizard option

Step 4: Now click next button to follow further procedure and go on

Step 5: There is a Windows File Path, Now select the CD/DVD drive where ISO file of your OS contains and which is to be installed on your device

Step 6: Now just select your USB drive to which you want to make bootable and click on next button before doing this you need to  accepting the Terms And Conditions Of The License Agreement. Now click on Continue button and need to wait for sometime  for automatic setup of your USB drive. And that’s it you are now done with the procedure
Hope you will like this procedure of creating a bootable USB drive on windows operating system without facing any issues. We will be back again within short period with some other solution to your problem.




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