Best Upcoming Electronic Gadgets of 2016 Are Waiting For You

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As all of us are aware it is 2016 and gadget lovers are waiting for their fantasy, When years comes to over as 2015 is gone and gadget lovers start to think about upcoming gadgets in our mind. We actually have our look on gadgets like smartphone, iPhone, superb camera’s ,Mac, iPad etc. But we know before these products come to the market rumor about the products get spread into the market.


Following is the list of Gadgets or we can say list of smartphones  we are going to see in upcoming 2016 : –

I think we do not have a need to explain about the iPhone. When iPhone – 6 entered into the market it was only the king product and boom the market people were buying it like anything. Product was very costly still apple lovers are used to buy it. And we all are expecting same things from upcoming iPhone – 7. iPhone 6 ranged in between 50-60 k and iPhone 7 is going to be around 62,000 bucks. iPhone 7 will be launched in the given countries like USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, France, Germany, Singapore before others.

Apple's iPhone - 7 best upcoming gadget in 2016

Following are some features of iPhone – 7

  1. processor A10
  2. Reversible USB charger
  3. camera with many more features
  4. iOS 10

Galaxy S7 :- Since we all know galaxy s6 is concerned in market, it was the found as the best Android phone in year 2015. It was considered as the best\ quality and top features available among all other phones. We can have same expectations from upcoming phone galaxy s7. It has  3D touch along with a fingerprint scanner and other advanced features that are not available in other phones.


Following are the Galaxy S7 Features

  1. Android Version M
  2. Quad Core 4.0 GHz 64 bit
  3. Support for 5G network
  4. Superb display with 4K quality
  5. 6 to 8 GB of RAM

Lumia 940 and 940 XL:- Microsoft recently launched the new phones those are 920 and 920 XL and they have got good popularity in the market as people have preferred them as their choice. Lumia was the first product who compete with Google’s Android. As Microsoft announced, they are going to give some best features in their new upcoming  phone so we can hope good awesome features and a quality product.

Best Upcoming Electronic Gadgets of 2016 Are Waiting For You galaxy s7

Lumia 940 and 940 XL Features

  1. 1440X2560px QHD screen
  2. 940 XL will have Octa Core snapdragon 810 processor
  3. 940 with hexa core snapdragon 808
  4. Adreno 430 GPU
  5. RAM of 3 GB
  6. Windows 10 OS
  7. 20 MP rear camera
  8. 5MP front camera
  9. 7 inch screen size

Thank you for reading our article on best Upcoming Gadgets of 2016, for more updates on these gadgets stay tuned with TechAlgorithm.



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  1. Hey Kalpesh,
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    Great informative article indeed.. I learned many new things about upcoming gadgets.. and was beneficial for me too.. I believe in technology for modern era and hope it will be easy to use this technology in every where..

    I love to have these all smartphone which is really great useful and have latest features and function. I really impressed watching these smartphone the unique look and design of these smartphone is superb.

    Thanks for introducing about latest upcoming technology..

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    – Ravi.

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      Hey Ravi, I am really thankful for your appreciation…Thank you so much for your valuable comment..

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