5 Ways To Stay Safe Online in Upcoming Digital World Of Computers

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Hi Reader’s, As we can see the world around us is getting more and more digital so things are getting more and more easy but let me tell you we are getting much closer to risk. There are many tools and websites available in market to carry out online transactions but we cannot trust everyone for security. So I am providing following tips to Stay Safe Online in Upcoming Digital World Of Computer’s.


5 Ways To Stay Safe Online in Upcoming Digital World Of Computers 2016

Following Are 5 Ways To Stay Safe Online in Upcoming Digital World Of Computers –

1. Avoid Financial Information Sharing And Keep Secure Your Self

This is always a better solution not to sharing the financial information to anyone. While we make online transaction do not trust every payment gateway or online wallet. As your data may get steal, And can be used by third party or may get misuse. So you are having one question in your mind that how can I trust a website? Should I make transaction from this website or not. So here is the answer, It should have badges that shows trust on website.

2. Only Trust On Website Which Are Using SSL Certificate

It is a good sign to check about the security of a website, This shows that the website is secure with SSL security. URL of a website starts with https instead of http, this security is provided when domain get purchased it increases the security of a website for online transaction and reduces maximum chances of data or information getting leaked while online transaction.

3. Take Care While Sharing Data Online 

Sharing data online is very challenging task so be aware while sharing data through online medium, So be careful while you are sharing data with unknown people. Even if you are sharing it through drop box or google drive or from any other cloud the link may get steal if you share it to wrong hands.

4. Use Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware Software and Firewall To Protect Data –

We all know that there are many malicious or harmful website are exist on world wide web. So we need to use the anti virus software which will keep clean our computer clean even if we downloaded the file from such website it will get catch by such programs and they resolve it before these file can affect data or program on computer.

5. Passwords Strength should be strong

As most of us may or may not aware with this thing that the people who steal the passwords or say hacker’s steals the list of password and then they try these list of password for hacking purpose so moral of the story is password should not be unique for various website neither it should be so simple that hacker can guess it so easily.



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