What is SSL And SSL Certificate?

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What is SSL And SSL Certificate?



In the previous two posts I have explained about What is A Domain? and How to Know Who Owns a Domain Name?.

Now Let’s move forward lets talk about security, nowadays we are doing many transactions over the internet by using Debit Card Or Credit Card, but just installing a strong antivirus on your machine is not enough for secure transaction. Antivirus protects your PC or Laptop from Malware and Virus but while we transacting over the internet a connection established between your browser and web server they are constantly communicating with each other.

What if this communication line is hacked by any Hacker????

Big Disaster!!! All your personal data will be hacked.

What Is SSL?

For such secure connections from the browser to the web server generally SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used.

SSL is based on the encryption technology, SSL established secure encrypted connection between Client/browser and the Web server (website) Or Mail client and Mail Server.

SSL creates a secure connection and allow to transmit your confidential data to the web server securely like Credit Or Debit Card number, Login Details etc.

Now how we come to know that the website has an SSL certificate?

Some time we observe that for some website the browser has Lock Icon or Green Address bar and website start with https instead of http protocol.

All of the Banking website uses SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

SSL is based on Cryptography.


Cryptography is a method of storing and transmitting a data in particular format only those whom it is intended can read and process that data.

It creates a key to encrypt and decrypt the data these methods uses different kind of Algorithms and Mathematical Calculations to create the keys.

Two types of Encryption use generally

  1. Asymmetric Encryption
  2. Symmetric Encryption


What Is An SSL Certificate?

 The SSL certificate uses key value pair to encrypt or decrypt the data, i.e. “Public Key” and “Private Key” by using these keys a secure encrypted connection is established.

To get this certificate you must create the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to your Server. This process actually creates Public and Private key. The CSR data file that you send to the SSL Certificate issuer (called a Certificate Authority or CA) contains the public key. The CA uses the CSR data file to create a data structure to match your private key without compromising the key itself. The CA never sees the private key.After receiving the certificate you must have to install it on your server.Important Part in the SSL certificate is that it must be digitally signed by Trusted Certificate Authority (CA). Anyone can easily create SSL certificate, but the browser can trust only on those certificates which come an organization on their list of trusted CAs. The browser has pre-Install list of trusted CAs.

Why we need SSL

  •  To Feel Cutomer confident while they do online transaction.



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