What Is An Android Operating System???

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One Question Always Comes In My Mind And That Is What Is This Android

Yes even before I was aware with android the same question was roaming in my mind that what is this Android, Is it a hardware or is it a device made up by Google so I was very eager. But later on I got to know that Android is an Operating system introduced by Google for upcoming smartphones in market.

Android Operating System 2016

From Where This Word Android Came From For Android Operating System

Android word generally means a combination of a human brain and bot, Also Android is a operating system (O.S.) and known as  Android Operating System for mobile developed by Google and introduced in 2007, It was initially developed by some other company known as Android Inc. But later on it was acquired by Google  in 2007. This operating system is rely on Linux kernel and made especially for smartphones and tablet. To enhance user experience android operating system was introduced as it has especial types of events like tap, swipe, touch, drag etc. It also provide keyword in the form of touch buttons on screen. After the success Google received in market after launching android for mobile phones they decided to launch it for TV and such TV then got to know as smart TV. And slowly slowly these smart TV’s are also getting attention in market so we can definitely say that TV in these days are getting smarter after the mobile phones. After TV’s the trend is also going toward wrist watches to make them smarter and to become smart watch. And trend is coming that it will get heavily use for cameras, notebook, and rest of electronic gadgets. Android is a platform on which developers create several types of applications which are used for businesses or for utility so can problems can be simplified.

Android Operating System 2016

Features & Specifications Of Android Operating System

  • Application Framework
  • Dalvic Virtual Machine
  • Integrated Browser
  • Optimized Graphics
  • SQLite
  • Media Support
  • Global System For Mobile(GSM) Technology
  • Code Division Multiple Access(CDMA) Support
  • Bluetooth
  • 3G Network
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • GPS
  • Camera and Navigation facility

Following Are Some Applications Of Android Operating System

  • Android applications are made up of multiple components which includes forms, classes, text box etc so these apps can be use for receiving inputs and fetching output from remote locations
  • We can definitely say that many companies are running on android platform like many taxi service based companies have developed android apps through they manage their business like booking of a taxi is done through a customer app while tracking of customer is done through their vendor app
  • In upcoming world android can be use to control a car’s internal structure and functionality, So we can say it can be operate remotely
  • Many E-commerce company’s are using this android app for their customer through which they can  book a product remotely

Hope you will enjoy this article we will be back again with some more useful information, Stay calm and enjoy.



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