Secure Your Wireless Network

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Secure Your Wireless Network

2Hi there, today I will explain how to secure your wireless network. Now a days everyone is using Wi-Fi for accessing the internet over devices so most of people having their own Wi-Fi network with Wi-Fi router.

All your devices are connected to the router so the router must have strong feature to protect your network from the hackers. If you are not setting up proper security features then hacker easily hack your network and use your bandwidth for their illegal activities. This may cause big trouble for you.

Various techniques are available to protect your Wireless Network but no one is fully safe.

Following are some techniques But all are Myth:-

1. Do Not Broadcast Your SSID

Some people think it may protect your network, but its myth. Some devices Win7 or later will manage to see every network which is available.

2. MAC address filtering

Every device has the MAC id and which is unique. We can store the MAC id list in the router and only those Devices has registered their MAC id with a router can able to connect your Wireless Network. But a hacker using the wireless network analyzer can manage to see MAC address you allow in your network : P and he or she can easily change the MAC ID of their computer to match one of the allow MAC address.

3. Limit Your IP address Pool

According to some technology expert you can control no of devices connect to your network by limiting IP address Pool. This is also one Myth.

4. Disable Your Routers DHCP server

DHCP server dynamically assigns IP to your connected device by disabling and assigning manual IP address to each device your network is safe, but hacker’s quick IP scan may break this security too.

5. Small Network Setup Hard to HACK

By limiting the range of your wireless router doesn’t mean your network is safe.

The only way to protect your Wireless Network is with the help of Encryption. While setting up your Wireless Network password, you may use following Encryption types.

Wireless Network

Wireless Network


Types of Encryption:-

1. WPA2 and AES

WPA2 is Security mode and AES is an algorithm. Now a days APA2 is most commonly used in all router devices. You can simply select WPA2 some router configuration not show algorithm type.

2. WPA2 and TKIP+AES

Some old router may support TKIP+AES algorithm.

3. WPA and TKIP

Security Mode WPA is not recommended to use, but some old router doesn’t support WPA2, so go with WPA and TKIP.

4. WEP

If the above mentioned 3 options not available in your router you must think of upgrading your router because you are using outdated router and any hacker very easily hack it. But still you can set up encryption using WEP. Not Recommended.


Why should we make secure our Wireless Network:-

  1. If Hacker hacks your network hacker will do some illegal activity by using your Network.
  2. A hacker may disturb your router setup.
  3. It may possible that you may lose your important data.


Some More Tips to keep your Wireless Network Secure:-

  1. Make sure your wireless router setup not accessible remotely. It must be accessible via LAN cable only.
  2. Make sure you change your router setup login password by Default it is “admin”.
  3. Keep changing your Wireless Network password from 20-30 days.
  4. Keep your routers Firewall on.
  5. Make use of the software tool like, download and use this tool for more security.



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