How To Open And Show Hidden Files In Windows 7 And Windows 8

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How To Open And Show Hidden Files In Windows XP and Windows 2003 As Well

Well everyone has this question in their mind that how to open hidden files in my computer as many time this happens that our brother or sister or any other family member uses the computer so indirectly we can say shares the computer and in such situation if we think that may be they have hided the data or we our self have hided the data and now we want to see this hidden data and to do so we can follow these steps :

How To Open Hidden Files In Windows 7 And Windows 8

Following Are Some Steps We Have To Follow To Open Or View Hidden Files And Folders In Windows 7 Or Windows 8 Or In Any version Of Windows Operating System

1. We can simply see My Computer icon on our screen, We need to open it or double click on it

2. Now Select the Tools menu from menu bar available on this screen and now select Folder Options from the list

3. After selecting Folder option now it is time to select View tab

4. A check has be done on check box on option Displayed as contents of system folders

5 Now In Hidden files and folders option 3 radio button will get displayed as Show hidden files and folders we have to select this option

6. Also we have to Remove the check mark from the check box on Hide file option so that computer will not hide any file even if it i in hidden state

7. extensions for known file types. Remove the check mark from the check box labeled Hide protected operating system files

Now click on Apply button and then OK button and that’s it you are done with it, Now you can open and show hidden file in your Windows 7 computer, And now computer is ready to show all hidden files

How To Open Hidden Files In Windows 7 And Windows 8

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We Need to Follow These Steps To View Hidden Files And Folders In Windows Vista Operating System

Step 1. Very first step we need to take is to click on window button present on home screen of a computer in left corner or it can be done by pressing window button on keyboard

Step 2. This is a small button with the Windows icon on it, This appears at the bottom of left corner. Now Click on the Control Panel menu option which is provided on left side on my computer screen. You can select 2 option as control panel get opens it can be either classic view or home view, So if you are in the Classic View you have to do the given steps

  1. Double-click on the Folder Options icon so it will get open
  2. Now click on the View tab and you can see many option there
  3. Now go to step 5

There is another option available which can be use if we are in the Control Panel Home view can do the following things To View Hidden Files And Folders In Windows :

  1. First click on the link Appearance and Personalization
  2. And then click Show Hidden Files or Folders link
  3. Now Go to step 5

In Hidden files and folders option select the radio button with text as Show hidden files and folders.

How To See Hidden Files In Windows 7 And Windows 8 Operating System

To see Hidden files in windows 7  and in windows 8, We have to follow given steps

  1. In Windows 8 Start Screen appears whereas in window 7 window button is present, We have to search for Control Panel.
  2. Now Control Panel will get open , need to scroll down till bottom and need to select the More Settings option from it
  3. Windows 8 Control Panel will get open now, So select the Appearance and Personalization option from given options
  4. Also in Folder Options we have to click on Show Hidden Files or Folders to select it
  5. In Hidden files and folders option we can see the radio button named as Show hidden files, folders, or drives
  6. So we have to remove the check mark from the check box named as Hide extensions for known file types
  7. Also need to remove the check mark from the check box named as Hide protected operating system files,Need to Press the Apply and OK button then

And that’s it your Windows 8 is ready and fully configured to display all hidden files so stay calm and enjoy will get back very soon.

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