How I Started My Blogging Journey

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Hi Readers, Today’s post is about to tell all my blogger community that how I have started my blogging journey. Before you start to read it I want your attention, I am damn sure you will read the each and every word of this blog post.

How I Started My Blogging Journey

How I Started This Most Amazing Journey With The Difficult Path

I was about to complete my last year of Post Graduation in Masters In Computer Application in 2015. I did not have a job in my hand yet and 2 friends of mine were doing blogging, I asked them what things are needed to do this, I am much interested so can you guys help me? Both of them said yes, So I thought it is very easy. So I started and seen first question was to buy a hosting and I did not have a money to buy hosting for the website. Also I did not have any idea about Google’s Blogger so I thought this is the only way to continue with it.

So, I decided fine!! We will go this way and I told my friend that I can buy a domain but I really don’t have money to pay hosting charges as it is a big amount it was around 150$. So he said you really wanted to do it I said yes, Then he offered me the one hosting account of Host Gator and told me that I have bought it in offer still I told him that i cannot pay you right now then he said fine whenever you will get money then give it back. And I felt happy, I always mention him whenever blogging thought comes. Thank you my friend and sorry I can not mention your name here as it will be considered as spelling mistake and even you also know this.

Now I have both the things that is hosting account and domain so I install the Word press and started writing. So first question comes in my mind was “What to write”, Then I think for a moment and idea comes in my mind that we will write what we have learn, So I started with my first post on “What is a domain”. And I did not stop it’s been over an year now I am writing post on technology. And when I started blogging I got an offer for an internship and it was so far so I used to go by bus and was not getting a time to write article’s. I remember, I have written article’s in a bus with thinking that, why should I waste my 2 hours, Instead I can do some productive and things go on. Then slowly slowly I learned about search engine optimization, link building, directory submissions and  much more but one thing I learned that, It is not that easy task to become successful in life as we need patience and hard work both. I have seen many bloggers who have stopped the blogging just because they are not getting money from it.

Final Words :

I still remember when I got Google publisher program approval I was so happy but getting very less amount still I do not stop blogging. And I think i will never stop it as it is my passion now and this passion is helping me to make money also. So I will say success comes from hard work and with the passion but we need to have patience as well.

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