How To Edit Videos Using Free Software On Computer With Windows 8

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How These Following Free Video Editing Software For Windows 8 Are Best Software Ever??

Well as we are sitting on computer and we don’t have any kind of work in our hand, There is a minimum possibility that this happens and 1 of a job among these is editing a video. Yes, Editing a video is biggest task if we are not familiar with any kind of video editing software. So to do this I will make a brief introduction of best video editing software which can be use on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and on Windows 8 too. Many time this is also happen people are aware with a good video editing software and they then spend hundreds of dollars on it to get the best output but just because of its complexity they loses the result as well as their money too but thanks to Window operating system as they have provide some in built application which are free of cost no need to go to any website like if we want to Top 7 Best Websites to Download Full Movies For Free then we have to visit the website or search for typical website which will deliver such kind of a result.

So following information will take you too close to these kind of Video Editing Software On Windows 8

1. Movie Maker To Edit Videos Using Free Software On Computer With Windows 8

Movie Maker is one of well known and most prominent software which is in built in windows operating system, This is a best alternative to any software which is made for video editing as well as for giving different different effect to any video too. Movie Maker allows user to edit video very quickly and as I wish to tell yo that it contains sufficient option to satisfy any normal users need who want to edit the video using free software. Movie maker software is absolutely free and available for free of cost and you need not to download it externally. So basically Movie maker is a Video Maker Software

How To Edit Videos Using Free Software On Computer With Windows 8

Here Are Some Steps Given Which  You Need To Follow As Movie Maker Is Directly Not Available On Windows 8 :

1  Click Here, This link will help to download some essentials of windows which are needed to use Windows Movie Maker

2  After downloading is finished then simply We can Install Windows Essentials

3  After doing this we need to select the program which we want to install on our Computer or PC.

4  After completing the process of installation you are now done with it

Now click on START button on home screen this can be done by pressing a window key on keyboard, Now just scrolling a screen to right side will display all types of programs and software installed on your computer. The representation of all program is in term of a icon. Now search for Movie Maker we will get it in form of a result, Click on it, And installation will begin and now you need to finish this installation and you are done. Just open it and you have now successfully installed  best video editing free software windows movie maker on your windows 8 operating system

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2. Movie Moments To Edit Videos Using Free Software On Computer With Windows 8

Movie Moments is another simple and free software application to edit the videos on windows 8 operating system and devices as well. This is also a way to edit videos on Windows 8 is with Movie Moments. It is freely available and pre-installed on all Windows 8.1 hardware devices so need to download it externally. Even if you are not a user of Windows 8.1 instead using windows 8 only then also you can download it through the play store made available by Microsoft Windows.

How To Edit Videos Using Free Software On Computer With Windows 8

1.  To use or install Movie Moments, Just go to Windows 8.1 device’s Start Screen by clicking on Windows key on keyboard  and search for it if you are using a windows 8.1

2.  If you not a user of windows 8.1 and using windows 8 only then you can click on start button, Now search for store and you can access the store now, Now in this app market you can search for Movie Moments, install it now

3.  And you are successfully done with it, Now click on it and open it and it is now ready to use it to Edit Videos Using Free Software On Computer With Windows 8

  How To Edit Videos Using Free Software On Computer With Windows 8

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