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What Is True Balance and What Benefits We Can Get From True Balance App?

Have you seen a ridiculous process of checking a balance or data usage from your mobile phone? So then how will you feel if you get it through a single app only, I mean True Balance is an app which you need to download and just install it, It will give all the details like how much call balance is remaining then how much data balance is remaining. Also True Balance App provides something special thing and that is known as Explore Amazing Apps And Earn Money With True Balance. In this section you just need to download and install these apps from the list and as soon as you install the app you will receive the money which was reserved for that app. Also True Balance provides Refer And Earn program in which this app will provide us a link which we have to share with our friends if our friend install the app from this link then you will receive some referral undisclosed amount in your wallet which you can use to recharge your phone. Also True Balance provide facility for quick recharge, and emergency loan feature in your True Balance Wallet.

True balance app is offers Rs 20 free to make a recharge for downloading the app first time Offer is valid for new users only at very very first time when they sign up. Now True Balance app is accessible in all India excepting some states those are  Jammu & kashmir, Assam and north east India as well.

download true balance app apk 2016 to earn free recharge

How To Download True Balance App Apk & Get Unlimited Free Recharge From True Balance App :-

1) First of all you need to Click On This Link To Download The True Balance App Apk or click on download now button

2) Now Open this app and grant all the permissions.

3) Create new account from given procedure in the app

4) As soon as you create an account You will get Rs 10 in your account first time

5) You can get amount for “Emergency Loan”  around Rs 10 and it can be use in emergency only like your balance is less than 10 genuinely

6) You can also refer your friend and earn Rs 10 free recharge per refer.

7) Your friend will get Rs 20 if they use your referral link and you will get Rs 10 free recharge.

And that’s it you are now done with the recharge

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Features Of True Balance App Which Enables Us To Download It :-

1) This app alerts you when you have very low balance & expiry as well

2) All kinds of recharge plans get displayed in True Balance App, So you can not miss any special offer that is available for your phone number

3) Share True Balance App and Earn Rewards in the form of credit points which can be use to make recharge on your phone

4) Recharge your phone by yourself no need to go anywhere to make recharge not even to any shops.

5) This app is suitable for single and dual SIM as well

6) Not at all time consuming to set anything and customize settings as well

7) Rooting process is not required.

8) App will check your balance implicitly and automatically as soon as your call will get finish

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