Download And Install Schedule Planner Classic App – Helps In Organizing Tasks And Optimize Your Time

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Download and Install Schedule planner Classic available for android and iOS to plan your task and make them accomplish and become more productive

Hi friends, Schedule Planner Classic is amazing app that is useful to schedule your task so that you can complete it in deadline and you can also track the progress. You can easily manage your daily or monthly task and check whether the work is going accurately or not. This app also provides the chart so it will be the easier to track the progress and compare the planned and actual work done.

Schedule Planner Classic provides you the better way to keep eye on your work which is really important in this fast lifestyle.

Download And Install Schedule Planner Classic App

How to download and install Schedule Planner Classic app in Android And iOS

This app provides you the facility to perfectly set your routines. Schedule Planner Classic provides various features

creating new tasks is always easy to do, requires only a few sequential steps to complete. Schedule Planner allows users to edit and we can also change their individual tasks or by batch editing multiple tasks. Users can even create notes attached to each task if they need more details. User can use our PLANNED v/s ACTUAL task tracking functions to compare a task as being accomplish to chart your schedule accurately. See these below results on the statistics screen.

Busy users are provided with a flexible set of categories like “Meals”, “Health”, and “Work”. Category for convenience and to monitor their statistics and task are color coordinated. The app employs in-depth pie-chart and bar graph diagrams to let users know how they spend their time based on category with a quick glance.

Tasks of full days can be planned in advance & viewed day-by-day via a practical graphic calendar or list view is also available. See category colors mark each day on your calendar with planned tasks.

Keep track of your schedule by exporting your schedule via PDF or .CSV file along with notes. Also backup your data to the cloud to keep it secure and safe and to restore your data between devices.

you can also Sync your task lists with Google Calendar.

Advanced Alerts and Notifications

How the progress can be track in Schedule Classic planner

Download And Install Schedule Planner Classic AppAs the above image shows the pie chart in used to track the progress and the planned and actual work done is also compared.



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